Research Overview

The focus of our applied research is on the design of semi-synthetic protein-polymer hydrogels that can influence specific interactions with cellular systems. These hydrogels have undergone extensive validation and testing in pre-clinical and clinical settings. In parallel, some of the more basic scientific aspects of our research focus on using these hydrogels to understand the impact of matrix properties on the fate of stem cells and metastasizing cancer cells in 3D culture (i.e. mechanobiology).

Highlighted Publications

“Designing Cell-Compatible Hydrogels for Biomedical Applications”
Seliktar, D.,
Science, 336 (6085):1124-28, 2012 Read article >>

“The Biocompatability of PluronicF127 Fibrinogen-based Hydrogels”
Shachaf, Y., Gonen-Wadmany, M., Seliktar, D.,
Biomaterials, 31(10):2836-47, 2010

“Laser Engraving of Guidance Microchannels into Hydrogels Directs Cell Growth in 3-D”
Sarig-Nadir, O., Livnat, N., Zajdman, R., Shoham, S., Seliktar, D.,
Biophysical Journal, 3;96(11):4743-52, 2009